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Empower your privacy choices with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). At Sweet Southern Soul Boutique, we value your privacy and believe in keeping things clear. The CCPA gives Californians crucial rights about how their personal info gets treated.

Your CCPA Rights:

The CCPA lets you control how your data is used. Californians can say no to sharing their info with third parties. In CCPA terms, "sale" means using data for ads and other messages. We're committed to making sure you know and can use your rights under this law.

How to Opt Out:

Take control by opting out. Click below, and we'll stop collecting or selling your info—whether to others or to personalize your time on our site and in messages.

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More Info:

For a full look at how we handle your data, check our Privacy Policy: [Privacy Policy]. It explains how we collect, use, and guard your personal info.

At Sweet Southern Soul Boutique, we get that your privacy is super important. We're not just a stylish spot; we're here to keep your personal info safe. With our clear commitment to honesty, we help you make smart choices about your data.

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Manage your online experience using our tools. Your privacy is a big deal, and we want you in control. Opting out is simple – click the link to set your privacy how you like.

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We care about more than just fashion; your info's security is a top priority. Trust us to handle your data responsibly and with care.

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